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Power Generation

EPC has extensive knowledge and experience in the power generation industry and offers the following services:

Control Systems:


  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Control systems inspections and verifications.
  • Instrumentation calibrations including certificate of compliance.
  • Solenoid valves & actuator verifications.
  • Motor control centre setup.
  • Motors & Pumps insulation testing and adjustments 
  • Over speed protection testing and verification.
  • Vibration system commissioning.
  • Fire & Gas commissioning.
  • RTD, Thermocouples, Engine cabling, inspection and testing.
  • Igniter setup and testing.
  • NOx water Injection adjustments for regional compliance.
  • Droop and Isochronous configuration operations.

Generator Systems:

  • Stator, Rotor, Permanent magnet generator (PMG) Exciter field insulation and resistance testing, Including polarisation Index testing of the Stator.
  • Current transformer (CT) & Voltage transformer/ Potential transformer (VT/PT) testing including certificate of compliance.
  • Protection relay secondary injection including testing conformance report.
  • Generator loops CT/VT secondary injection testing.
  • Generator breaker testing, contact resistance, Close timing, insulation and resistance including Hi-pot.
  • Rotor ground found commissioning and calibrations.
  • Automatic voltage regulator commissioning, Ex2100(e), Brush, Bespoke systems.
  • Generator forward feed/ back feed/ short circuit testing.
  • Synchronisation/Dead bus closure of the generator breaker.

Mechanical Systems:

  • Package installation.
  • Power train alignment.
  • Combustion and air inlet inspections, Including FOD screen.
  • Generator lube oil system commissioning.
  • Turbine lube oil commissioning.
  • Hydraulic oil commissioning.
  • Fuel System commissioning.
  • Borescope inspection and report.