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Specialist Technical Training

EPC consultants have extensive knowledge and experience on a variety of electrical equipment. We can provide technical training to enhance your commissioning, maintenance and operations team’s knowledge and understanding as well as improve analysis of site-specific equipment. EPC offer, but not limited, to the following trainings:

Bespoke training can be offered: Online, at customer locations or classroom environments.  

Practical site-specific training materials are tailored to your needs.

  • Protection relay testing.
    • Protection functions theory.
    • Zone coverages.
    • Testing methods.
    • Software familiarization.
    • Alarm troubleshooting.
  • Transformer commissioning.
    • Transformer fundamentals.
    • Ratios and burden testing.
    • Excitation curves.
    • Polarity testing.
    • Power Factor testing theory.
  • AC & DC electrical drives
    • Inverter Drive theory.
    • DC Drive theory.
    • Commissioning methods.
    • Alarm troubleshooting.
  • Gas Turbines
    • Package familiarization. 
    • Control system basics.
    • Software familiarization. 
    • Package subsystems explanation.
    • Alarm troubleshooting.
    • Data log basic analysis. 
  • Generators
    • Generator principal’s theory.
    • Generator Insulation testing.
    • Rotor ground fault setup and calibrations. 
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
    • AVR principal theory.
    • Software introduction.
    • Alarms troubleshooting.